Carrier Multi-Splits Inverter Air Conditioner 33

High Wall Heating and Cooling System. A 16 SEER duct-free high wall split system with Xpower Inverter technology varies compressor speed to match the load and keeps the system operating continuously rather than cycling, which can create temperature swings. You won’t believe the comfort as conditioned air is quietly and gently directed to every corner of the room.

Key Features
▪ 40GX Features When Matched With 38GX
▪ Up to 16 SEER / 12.5 SEER
▪ 7.7 HSPF (Heat Pump models)
▪ Wireless remote control standard
▪ User selectable fan speeds
▪ (Auto, low, medium, high)
▪ System diagnostics
▪ Dehumidification mode
▪ Vertical motorized louvers
▪ Auto restart on power failure
▪ Automatic air sweep
▪ Cleanable filters
▪ Sleep mode
▪ 24 hour start/stop timer

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