Carrier Climatiseur Central

- Up to 20 SEER and 13 HSPF (25VNA)
- Compressor with variable speed (40 to 100% modulation) of the permanent capacity increased performance air conditioning, heating, dehumidification and zoning.
- Sound levels as low as 58BDa
- Simplified installation and services
- Minimum and maximum air flow adjustable RPM Adjustable compressor
- Diagnosis improves
- Help is responsible for the installer
- Electronic expanding valve EXV heating, air conditioning TXV
- Standard Warranty 10 year parts and compressor
- Extended Warranty Optional

Direction Générale: (514) 657-4658     Sans Frais: : 1-(855) 657-4658      Téléc: :(514) 657-4638    Email:
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