Hotel Air Conditioner in Montreal

BCO Québec Inc. is specialized in A/C systems installation in hotels.

BCO is one of the first Canadian brands of A/C systems. With our 15 years' background in Quebec, we are offering a large range of BCO and Carrier products.

BCO is alsohandling the installation of all its air conditioning systemsin order to be more efficient for the clients.We also offer maintenance and repair services for all our machines within 24 to 48 hours, even if the product is out of the guarantee period.

Offered Services

We have new A/C models with heating that are perfectly adapted for hotels. They are very silent, and highly efficient, along with a new touch of innovative design. Unlike the PTAC and the window A/C systems, which are loud and damaging the walls with necessary big holes, our A/C systems are very silent and are installed high on the walls to avoid any additional damage. In other words, the rooms shall be way more silent and comfortable for the guests.

Price of our products

As for our prices, we prefer to plan a meeting with you in order to provide a service according to yourneeds.We offer free estimate from our certified technicians accordingly to your availabilities.With that being said, you can also visit us at: 4216 Frontenac Street, Montreal, Québec, H2H 2M3.

Head Office: (514) 657-4658     Free Call: : 1-(855) 657-4658     Fax: :(514) 657-4638    Email:
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